A timeless, classic choice for Catskills Family Vacations.

High up in the unspoiled foothills of the Catskill Mountains, the evergreens are tall, the air is fresh and clean and the stars dance like jewels in the nighttime sky. Nestled quietly among all of this beauty is a crystal clear, spring-fed lake known as Oquaga. For generations, it has been the answer for those who have sought refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors arrive weary and burdened, but always depart refreshed and renewed.

Since 1869, six generations of the Scott Family have been providing vacations on Beautiful Oquaga Lake, making Scott’s Family Resort one of the most enjoyable destinations in Upstate New York. As you make your way through the main entrance, you’ll immediately get a sense of the rich history behind the name. Rustic buildings, lobbies adorned with antique furniture, modest, comfortable guestrooms and a unique assortment of facilities, all combining to bring up images of a bygone era. Of course, elements of the modern world can still be found here, but what truly sets us apart is our unique blend of recreation, relaxation and old-fashioned charm, along with the kind of warm hospitality that only a family can deliver. As the sign above the office door reads: “Love Is Spoken Here.”

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